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Tel: +44 (0) 20 7299 7950


Modern Art – Bury Street

7 Bury Street
London SW1Y 6AL


Modern Art – Helmet Row

4 – 8 Helmet Row
London EC1V 3QJ


Modern Art (Helmet Row) – Katy Moran: 300 sun days

(13 May – 18 June, 2022) Katy Moran’s abstract paintings conjure atmospheres – at times suggestive of landscape, still life, or figuration – through her exploration of form, gesture, colour and surface. While the legacy of Expressionism is evident in her painterly language, Moran’s work is firmly grounded in the materiality of painting as object. Her work has methodically concentrated on what kinds of alchemy can be offered up in the pre-existing surface of the readymade — found paintings, frames, or collage — as it combines with her own mark-making.

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Modern Art (Helmet Row) – Mohammed Sami

(23 March – 7 May, 2022) Mostly large-format and acrylic on linen, Mohammed Sami’s paintings depict glimpses of empty, built environments and interior still-lives that – while at first appearing mundane — carry a weight of autobiographical references and affective meaning.

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