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62 Kingly Street, London W1B 5QN


1 Davies Street, London W1K 3DB


8 Bury St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AB


Sadie Coles HQ (Davies St) – Katja Seib: Old World New Thoughts

(29 June – 13 August, 2022) Katja Seib’s second exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ comprises a group of new paintings and works on paper. These reveal a newly autobiographical focus, featuring depictions of her partner, their child, and other people from her life. And yet, throughout Seib’s latest works, ‘real life’ is poised to slide into a dreamlike register – refracted by symbolism and historical imagery.

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Sadie Coles HQ – Daniel Sinsel

(10 June – 13 August, 2022) This June, Daniel Sinsel presents a group of new and recent works – encompassing painting, assemblage and sculpture – marking his sixth solo exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ. Throughout the body of work, Sinsel mediates conventional notions of flatness and spatial tension, articulating unresolved scenographies that teeter on the threshold between illusion and reality. Meticulously rendered in alluring, near psychedelic fields of colour, the imagery is invested with a built-in tension of desire and restraint, through which Sinsel probes the manifold, often concealed narratives of queer experience.

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Sadie Coles HQ (Kingly St) – Seth Price: Art Is Not Human

(13 April – 28 May, 2022) Seth Price has rarely shown in the UK; this exhibition marks his first solo gallery presentation in London since his film and video survey at the ICA London in 2017. Born in 1973 and based in New York, Price works in many media, experimenting with contemporary materials and themes to evoke a sense of “increasing abstraction, the alienated self, all the weird ways that material and immaterial go back and forth,” as he explained in a recent interview.

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Sadie Coles HQ (Bury St) – William N. Copley

(5 May – 18 June, 2022) This May, Sadie Coles HQ presents a solo exhibition of drawings by William N. Copley, marking the first presentation of his works on paper in the UK to date, along with a seminal painting from 1965, Philosophie dans le boudoir. Dating primarily from the 1980s and early ‘90s – the final decade of his life – the works on paper mark the zenith of Copley’s drawing practice, reanimating ideas and motifs that he began to employ in the 1950s and ‘60s.

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