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Unit London – Heesoo Kim: Normal Life

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Heesoo Kim’s first solo exhibition with Unit London explores our shared contemporary experience through portraiture. In what the artist defines as an “expression of the mundane”, Normal Life is an accumulation of everyday observations. Surrounded by a society that constantly grapples for recognition and success, Kim’s body of work subtly engages with the mild sense of insecurity that is engendered by an achievement driven world.

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Unit London – Matthew Stone: Virtual Paintings

(9 August – 10 September, 2022) Matthew Stone’s debut solo exhibition with Unit London incorporates AI into his unique process for the first time. Virtual Paintings features a series of works on linen, 3D printed sculpture and hand-made wooden furniture. Using repeating imagery across these varying forms, Virtual Paintings charts a network of constellations all united by Stone’s unmistakable and poetic visual language.

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Unit London – Kristof Santy: La Grande Bouffe

(5 July – 6 August, 2022) La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast), draws its name from the satirical 1970s French cult film (d. by Marco Ferreri). The exhibition iconises the simple things in life while celebrating the ubiquitous act of cooking. “My work is made of snapshots from everyday life, bringing commonplace objects to life. Painting these elements is a way to make them iconic.” – Kristof Santy

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Unit London – Sign Systems

(6 July – 6 August, 2022) Sign Systems explores the intersection between text and image in contemporary art. Deriving its name from the field of semiotics, which studies the concept of representation and the creation of meaning, the exhibition draws on the relationship between verbal and visual language.
Featuring: Allison Reimus, Anna Liber Lewis, Ed Ruscha, Hank Willis Thomas, Jenny Holzer, John Giorno, Kay Rosen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Marcel van Eeden, Mukesh Shah, Sam Durant.

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Unit London – Thrush Holmes: What’s it all for?

(31 May – 2 July, 2022) Thrush Holmes’ first solo exhibition with Unit London, What’s it all for?, presents the artist’s continuing drive to push the limits of a familiar yet specific motif. Engaging with the art historical legacy of still life, Holmes’ works explore the many permutations that can be found within a single subject. The exhibition unfolds as the latest chapter of the artist’s oeuvre, unveiling the next step in the longer story of a wider process.

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