Fresh Perspectives: pt. 1

London Paint Club: Open Call

4 January - 1 February 2021

Morag Caister Theo with a Blue Pen, 2020 Soft Pastel, Oil on calico 65cm x 90cm © The Artist
Morag Caister - Theo with a Blue Pen, 2020, Soft Pastel, Oil on calico, 65cm x 90cm, © The Artist


London Paint Club

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London Paint Club is thrilled to announce the inaugural group exhibition of artists selected from our Open Call.

London Paint Club was delighted to receive a high volume of applications from different countries around the world. The overall positive response from artists with different styles, ideas and themes resulted in a vibrant exhibition of talented painters from all different career levels. The title of the exhibition, Fresh Perspectives is derived from the idea of a new beginning to the year 2021 – one filled with new ideas, new ways of adapting to our global climate and new forms of exposure for artists in this ever increasingly prominent digital space that has become essential to the way audiences around the world can access and experience art.

London Paint Club was created during the global pandemic in March 2020, and saw the potential and necessity of social media to spread art, ideas and inspiration around the world. Through our exhibition guide, we are able to give more exposure to young galleries as well as global art institutions – bringing the attention of larger audiences to more localised gallery spaces in London. The initiative of our Open Call is an untraditional way to give artists access to our evolving online platform – one that has a direct connection to a passionate, international audience of painting and art market enthusiasts.

Due to high demand – the exhibition is split into 2 parts – Pt 2 of the exhibition will be presented on the 8th of February, 2021. We want to give a huge thank you to all of our followers, supporters and to all of the artists who applied. Here’s to a new year with fresh artists, perspectives and new ways of presenting painting.

Morag Caister

Morag Caister is a 26 year old artist born in London, UK, based in Brighton. Graduated from University of Brighton in Painting in 2019, and is currently exhibiting with Gallery 94 at Glyndebourne Opera House. Semi-finalist of the latest series of Sky Arts, Portrait Artist of the Year.

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Jan Valik

Jan Valik (b. 1987, Slovakia) received his MFA from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2012. In 2016 he was awarded the third place in the VUB Painting Competition (Slovakia, 2016) and is currently based in London. Works of Jan Valik emerge from a space among ‘absorbed’ landscapes, recollections, sense and memory. His semi-abstract paintings remain essentially open for interpretation as they oscillate back and forth between spatial evocation and abstracted gesture. They balance spontaneity with careful pictorial construction bridging and echoing the principles of Far Eastern and Western painting traditions.

Valik has participated in numerous Artist-in-Residence Programs notably at BankART Studio in Yokohama, Japan (2016), Mark Rothko Art Center in Latvia (2017), Banska Stanica Contemporary, Slovakia (2018) or Egon Schiele Art Centre in Czech Republic (2018). His work was exhibited in solo exhibitions in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Japan; as well as in group exhibitions in Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the UK and Ireland.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Tom White

Born 1995, London – based in South London. My work is based on a long-standing fascination with people and portraiture, particularly how a portrait acts as a documentation of a certain time and place. I am interested in Hans Georg-Gadamer’s concept of “occasionality” and the representation of a person’s character as seen through the scrutinising gaze of the artist. I explore the materiality of paint, applying multiple impasto layers to create areas of brushwork where paint takes on corporeal qualities to give a more viscerally real sensation of skin itself.

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Andrew Dubach

Born 1987, Fort Wayne, IN Andrew Dubach is a multimedia artist and occasional curator working with multiple art venues and organisations in the midwest. He is a B.F.A. graduate, focusing in sculpture and art history from Indiana University. He has exhibited paintings, sculptures and presented performance and film in various spaces throughout the United States.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Kathleen Shaver

Kathleen Shaver is an abstract painter who was born in Detroit, MI and studied at Moore College of Art & Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) in Philadelphia. Her work has been included in a major survey of contemporary Philadelphia artists at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and in exhibits at PAFA, Woodmere Art Museum, the James A. Michener Art Museum, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Attleboro Arts Museum and Moore. Shaver currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley area of NY.

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Anja Wülfing

Born 1969, Cologne Germany, 1992 BA, Art Center College of Design. Opened a graphic studio in 1995 and painting since 2015.

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Michael Luther

Born 1964, Saulgau, Germany, Luther studied at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, with a degree in Fine Arts in 1997. He lives and works in Berlin. ⁠

“My work revolves around the process of painting itself. The themes are fed by the search for the possibilities of the medium, and the motifs come from my life and work environment. ⁠

For example, I paint the working material, i.e. the colour mass (miniature landscapes modelled from oil paints, which are then, enlarged many times, hyper-realistically painted again with oil on canvas), my studio and the exhibition spaces, or I work playfully with the simplest painterly gesture, the brushstroke itself. “⁠

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Marleen Pennings

Marleen Pennings (1978) Visual artist from The Netherlands, currently based in Germany. “After graduating in Fashion Design and Illustration with honors, I founded my studio ‘Stroke a Bird’. I worked in Fashion Design, and in commission as a stylist and illustrator for several years before fully concentrating on developing my painting skills and techniques, both figurative and abstract. I usually work on multiple pieces at the same time, exploring the interaction and confrontation this process creates. Colour has an important role in the decision-making. My use and mixing of colours is creating ever-changing perspectives with an off-balance in depth and story.I don’t plan ahead. The process of a painting can go anywhere, anytime, which can be inhibitory, too.” 

My work has been exhibited, solo or as part of group exhibitions, in The Netherlands,
Germany, England and the United States, and is represented around the world by London based GAS Gallery.It’s also being featured in various online and printed publications and magazines. For me, painting is the most obvious way to translate an ongoing pace, the world, its people and environment. It’s my language, it’s always there.”

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Federico Vecchi

Federico Vecchi is an Italian painter and sculptor, born in 1980 and now based in Vienna, AT. In his research he experiment with the traditional techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture. Often however, they mesh with each other in such a way that the boundaries between them become blurred.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Patrick Vandecasteele

Patrick Vandecasteele has been included in group shows in France and the UK since 2012. His work explores the physical, psychological and social posture of humans, the various costumes they wear to dress their intimate hiatuses. Vandecasteele tries to restore the spontaneity of human posture, its fleetingness, the unconscious that inhabits a body and its outfit, the links between composure and thoughts, gestures and intentions, mental melee.

Patrick Vandecasteele paints, as he describes our struggle to face others, to approach others, the struggle between our multiple intimacies, between our imperative of life in society, of submission to servitudes and the imperative need for autonomy, individuality.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Caroline Boyer

Born 1968, St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada – now based in Prevost, Quebec, Canada (north of Montreal) Passionate about painting since childhood, I discovered my passion for Abstract Art after a workshop in 2010. I have since completed several workshops, including a residency in abstract art. During my career, I have participated in several exhibitions and competitions, from Quebec to Ontario, as well as in Europe like France and Belgium. 

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Christian Golden

Born 1991, from Ohio – now based in New York. Trained architect and self taught artist.

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Eleni Simoni

Simoni is a multidisciplinary artist born in Greece in 1994. She is now based between Thessaloniki, Greece and London- being a full-time artist and upcycling clothes seller. Her signature technique is combining photography and painting creating an illusion between realistic and dreamy. She is represented by the Emerging Artist Platform by Hansford and Sons Gallery in the UK and by The Art Space in Greece. Simoni’s career as an artist started 6 months ago and has already taken part in a major national exhibition in Athens. She has been described as a “parthenogenesis of emotions” in the contemporary arts.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Cristina Rago

Cristina Rago was born in New York in 1993 and now based in London, UK. She is a Filipino American mixed media painter who incorporates collage and inks in the early stages of her paintings and finishes each piece with oil. Her work often features women and deals with themes of empowerment from suppression, rebirthing from trauma, and overcoming limiting beliefs developed from both cultural influences and from within the woman herself. Through her work, she hopes to inspire women to heal from the past, shed oppressive beliefs, and become the best version of themselves by stepping into their destiny.

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Marcus Aitken

Marcus Aitken is a contemporary artist living and working in South London who uses a combination of layering, distressing and blending to present a multifaceted surface to his work. His background in design has developed his artistic style creating cutting edge abstract works with vibrant and exciting sculptural elements. He has shown in exhibitions internationally and had his work featured by various publications.

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Manuela Gerosa Bähler

Manuela Gerosa Bähler (1978) currently based in Barcelona since 2000, where she studied illustration.

Her breadth of work seeks to explore the human spirit through animal gesture and wild nature, leaving aside emotions such as joy and sadness, she immerses us in ambiguous feelings where defence acquires a relevant role. Establishing a powerful dialogue, insinuations and lines are completed in interaction with the gaze of the other.

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Thomas Olszanowski

Thomas Alexander Olszanowski was born in 1993 in Toronto, Canada. A self taught artist, he draws inspiration from the social fabric of his hometown and the natural beauty of the country surrounding him. His images range from simple depictions of the mundane to abstractions. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the subject matter, a truth, message or story that can create a connection with the audience is the objective behind his images. Growing up in a cultural mosaic like Toronto, he believes the visual arts are how one can transcend barriers such as language, race and class.

Instagram: @tomek_o 

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Tim Nerheim-Chereck

Tim Nerheim-Chereck is an American abstract artist, composer and musician born in 1970 and lives in Portland, Oregon. Tim’s intuitive works are deeply inspired by living with undiagnosed bi-polar 2 for most of life. After composing countless classical compositions in solitude throughout his life he was diagnosed and began to find emotional balance in 2009. In early 2020 Tim began to express the energy and conflict of living with and managing his illness through his intuitive and expressive improvisations on paper and canvas. To date Tim has produced more than 300 works on paper and canvas.

To inquire about available artworks, please email

Haylee Nichols

Haylee Nichols was born in 1990 on Long Island, New York and is now based in Los Angeles. She works primarily with flashe and acrylics on wood panel, canvas and paper. She is particularly drawn to the landscapes of Los Angeles, California and Cape Rosier, Maine where she visits in the summers each year. She works from her own photographs focusing on the light and the relationships between colors. While some of her works are realistic, she also delves into abstraction and manipulation to further explore ways of seeing.

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Desi Ilker

Desi, born in 1987 in Berlin (Germany), has been painting ever since she was a child. Growing up in a family of designers, art has always been a big part of her life, although she chose a different career path. Today she works as a part-time artist and sells her paintings in Germany and internationally to collectors or art lovers that appreciate her intuitive approach. Desi is particularly intrigued by the ways in which the mind can create its own worlds and realities: “My artwork has been an important part in the exploration of myself. Every brushstroke tells a very personal story about my past and my identity. Hoping it all translates to the surface, my art practice is a way to reinforce the freedom to exist as I am and to find joy and peace in chaotic times like these.”

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Tomas Nanne-Sandberg

I am a painter born and working in Stockholm Sweden. My world of images is a collage of memories from the places I have been and the people I have met.

Instagram: @tomasnanne 

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Iris Stella

Iris Stella is a contemporary artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. She works predominantly on canvas, playing between acrylic and organic materials. Her inspiration comes from the cosmos and the natural settings that surround her. Taking the artistic process back to basics and celebrating Iris’s connection with her environment. She builds the painting layering organic materials and acrylic paint creating landform reliefs, movement and deepness to her compositions. Texture is the main component of her work.

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Daisy Harrison

Born in 1997, I am a painter and illustrator based in Bournemouth. I graduated this year with a degree in Art and Design from the University of Leeds.

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