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Month: May 2021

Yoon Suk One artist bio

Yoon Suk One b. 1983, Korea. Lives and works in Seoul, Korea Yoon Suk One treats painting as a medium for documenting his unique observation and contemplation. Yoon constructs a fundamental resource of his practice by collecting and taking pictures of city landscapes constantly shifting their appearances depending on the change of light and seasons. …

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Yevhen Nahirnyy artist bio

Yevhen Nahirnyy b. 1999, Lviv, Ukraine. Lives and works in London, UK Yevhen Nahirnyy has exhibited in group exhibitions in London and has works held in private collections in the United Kingdom, France, and Ukraine. Basing his work on the interlacing between representation, mathematical and surreal spaces, Yevhen investigates the psychological limits of representation through …

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Susan Grace artist bio

Susan Grace b. USA, Lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas Susan Grace has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US. Susan Grace is primarily interested in the exploration of the figure, moving freely between representation and abstraction. Susan Grace’s paintings incorporate fragmentation and layering to create multiple possibilities for interpretation and experience. …

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Shelli Tollman artist bio

Shelli Tollman b. 1966, South Africa. Lives and works in Los Angeles Shelli Tollman’s mixed media canvases address both personal and political upheaval and the complexities of diversity. Rooted in her upbringing during the apartheid era in South Africa, her work expresses themes of hope and hopelessness. African and European folk tales, and multi-woven narratives …

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Shanery Obeso artist bio

Shanery Obeso b. 1977, Peru. Lives and works in Lima, Peru Shanery Obeso explores the relationship between humans and nature through the use of images from the internet. Obeso creates a discourse that seeks to contrast the overconsumption with nature, due to anthropogenic activities, emphasizing individual and daily behaviors as the engine of our environment, …

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Rob Conibear artist bio

Rob Conibear b. 1978, Belgium. Lives and works in Amsterdam Rob Conibear explores the human condition through the process of photographing, drawing and creating collages. After further reflection, Conibear creates connections between this work to create paintings. Instagram Arrow-right Works by Rob Conibear Artists Back to Viewing Room

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