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Exhibitions to Visit This Weekend Before They Close

Kin-ting Li: Chimera

17 June - 24 July 2021

South Parade is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Hong Kong born, London based artist, Kin-ting Li.

Situated between imagination and reality, Li creates evolving organic and inorganic structures that suggest both the microscopic and the astronomical. Li’s paintings synthesise departure points from daily life which range from observations of nature to literature and architecture. 

Raphael Egil: Paintings

12 April - 24 July, 2021

For this exhibition, the artist’s first solo showing outside the German-speaking world, Egil is presenting a group of works that form a painterly spiral between himself, that is, his mind and his body or his inner and outer existences, and two of his artistic heroes: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Paul Cézanne.

On Hannah Arendt: What is Freedom? - BRACHA

15 June - 24 July, 2021

The fourth exhibition in Richard Saltoun Gallery’s year-long series inspired by the political philosopher Hannah Arendt is a solo presentation by the Israeli artist, feminist theorist, psychanalyst and philosopher BRACHA.
Through recent paintings that deal with wounds, trauma, healing and compassion, Ettinger puts us in relation to Arendt’s question ‘What is Freedom?’ as set out in the philosopher’s 1968 publication Between Past and Future around which all shows in the gallery’s programme are based. Bracha responds to the historical, transgenerational and personal trauma of women in times of war, especially during the Holocaust, as well as the feminine spirit in mythology. 

Tue Greenfort: Pulling Weeds: Horticultural Resistance in Clay Continued

4 June - 24 July, 2021

At the centre of Tue Greenfort’s practice lies the relationship between humans and their environment and the hierarchical systems to which they subject nature. In his sixth solo exhibition at KÖNIG GALERIE, Greenfort continues his exploration of a topic that exemplifies many of the topics he explores: that of what we disparagingly call “weeds” and amongst them in particular invasive species – plants that are considered a nuisance or even harmful. Often, every effort is made to eradicate them before they overgrow the landscape.

Jade Montserrat: In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens

5 June - 24 July, 2021

Jade Montserrat’s first solo exhibition at Bosse & Baum, In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, takes its title from Alice Walker’s text. The exhibition will include new works on paper by the artist. Walker’s text helps readers to locate Black women’s bodies as those shaped and ravished by a legacy of an inhumanity and centres the garden as a tenet of creativity towards healing.

José Castiella: Falling

17 June - 24 July, 2021

rosenfeld is proud to present ‘Falling’ the gallery’s first solo exhibition of the Spanish artist José Castiella. The artist will show paintings and a selection of his ‘coffee’ drawings in the exhibition.

Tenki Hiramatsu: Good Con Man

23 June - 24 July, 2021

Claas Reiss presents ‘Good Con Man’ with new works by Japanese artist Tenki Hiramatsu in his first show in the UK and an essay written by Pia Bendfeld. The exhibition will open on 23 June with a private view from 12pm to 8pm and be on view until 24 July 2021 (no appointment needed).

Timothy Spall: Out of The Storm

18 June - 25 July, 2021

To many of us, especially in the UK, Timothy Spall needs no introduction. He is an actor well-known and famous enough to be a household name. His thorough preparation for his award-winning role as Mr Turner in the eponymous film, laid the groundwork for this foray into painting. This experience provided the spark and confidence to set himself a rigorous and public challenge. Mounting such an exhibition is not done lightly, and Pontone Gallery is delighted to present Spall’s inaugural solo exhibition in London.

Ken Nwadiogbu: Journey Mercies

8 July - 25 July, 2021

The exhibition features an installation made of stacked cardboard boxes. For Nwadiogbu the boxes have a utilitarian aspect, but they also act as a metaphor for global trade and evoke the migrant experience.  Each box is painted with a personal identifier – the faces of people the artist has met on his travels – but the stacking nods at the collective. He says, ‘Our individual lives replete with our experiences may be self-contained but, essentially, we stand on each other’s shoulders journeying to a different continent and bringing with us values that shape the culture and ideas of these spaces.’ 

Sam Jackson: Collaborators

15 July - 25 July, 2021

Jackson is well known for his paintings of anonymous subjects who have been adorned or defaced with signs and symbols; frenetically scrawled text; and roughly hewn graffiti that doubles as tattoo. But here we are offered subjects who we might know or know of—cultural influencers who shape the things that we see, read or hear, whether discreetly or directly. Jackson interviewed each subject to draw out their own cultural influences—literature or songs, for example, which have a meaningful personal resonance—and this in turn informs the text that he deploys.

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