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Last chance to see these summer exhibitions!

Frank Bowling: London / New York

21 May - 31 July, 2021

Reflecting the scale and scope of a prodigious six-decade career that has unfolded while criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Sir Frank Bowling’s inaugural exhibition with Hauser & Wirth will be presented in both the gallery’s London and New York locations simultaneously. With works on view spanning over 50 years of the British icon’s career from 1967 to the present day, ‘Frank Bowling – London / New York’ celebrates the ways in which one artist’s inventive approach to the materiality of paint has expanded the boundaries of abstraction.

Larry Poons

3 June - 31 July, 2021

For over half a century, Larry Poons has been identified as heir to the heroic era of American painting, following in the footsteps of such greats as Pollock, de Kooning, and Rothko.

Bridget Riley: Past into Present

3 June - 31 July, 2021

Over the course of her more than six-decade career, Riley has frequently returned to earlier ideas and even to specific works in order to identify alternative directions that a form could take. As she has noted, ‘I am sometimes asked “What is your objective” and this I cannot truthfully answer. I work “from” something rather than “towards” something. It is a process of discovery.’

Chantal Joffe: Story

4 June - 31 July, 2021

Victoria Miro is delighted to present new works by Chantal Joffe. Accompanied by an artist’s book with a new text by Olivia Laing, Story features a number of paintings of the artist’s mother and considers issues of aging, motherhood and visibility, focusing particularly on the complex relationship between mother and child over time.

The exhibition is the third in a trilogy that began with a year of self-portraits, shown at Victoria Miro in 2019, followed by For Esme – with Love and Squalor, which captured the changing faces across the years of Joffe and her daughter, Esme, on view at Arnolfini, Bristol, in 2020.

Christiane Blattmann, Eva Gold, Sebastian Jefford, Stanislava Kovalcikova, Tala Madani: Corps

4 June - 30 July, 2021

MAMOTH is pleased to present the group exhibition Corps, which elicits such events through the creation of fictional scenarios and recurring narratives, both alluding to and interpreting the actions of bodies, using equal measures of tactility, sensuousness, black comedy, and perversity. The exhibition features the work of Christiane Blattmann, Eva Gold, Sebastian Jefford, Stanislava Kovalcikova, and Tala Madani.

Tyra Tingleff: Smile now, cry later

25 June - 31 July, 2021

Over the past few months, with Covid 19 restrictions limiting travel between our respective
hometowns of London and Berlin, Tyra Tingleff has been sending me photo updates of her at
work in her studio. Scrolling through them creates a kind of crude stop-frame animation.
Don’t breathe out, (but I know you will…) (2021), the large-scale painting that now occupies
the lower- ground floor of The Sunday Painter, begins as a series of squiggles of colour, vivid
punctuation marks on the envelope-beige canvas, which surge and roil as layers are added,
marbled and squeegeed into and over one another. 

Laura Lancaster: Closer and Further Away

4 June - 30 July, 2021

Workplace is pleased to present Closer and further away, a solo exhibition of new paintings by British artist Laura Lancaster in which she focuses on the reinterpretation of classical subjects involving the female figure. Mostly executed during national lockdowns, the paintings in the show reflect the artist’s yearning for space and freedom, her reaction to confinement and her re-evaluation of the relationship between individuals and their physical environments.  

Christopher Hartmann: In and out of touch

3 June - 31 July, 2021

Shannon Cartier Lucy: Cake on the Floor

 2 June - 31 July, 2021

Josefa Ntjam: Molecular Genealogies

18 June - 31 July, 2021

In Molecular Genealogies, her first solo exhibition at NıCOLETTı, London, Ntjam explores the history and future of emancipatory movements by weaving multiple narratives drawn from African mythology, ancestral rituals, the wars of independence in Cameroon, Algeria and Burkina-Faso, anti-racist activism in the US, as well as her personal and family archives. 

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