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5 Must See Exhibitions to Visit Before They Close

Minyoung Choi: Things that happen when we are not looking

2 July - 6 August, 2021

For her first solo show with Lychee One, Minyoung Choi presents a series of new paintings capturing underwater or seaside scenes inhabited by animals, fish, and a littering of manmade objects. The paintings offer momentary glimpses into the lives of other species, which are entangled with human existence but so often remain unseen by human eyes.

Derek Jarman: When yellow wishes to ingratiate it becomes gold

4 June - 7 August, 2021

The title of this exhibition is taken from Chroma, Derek Jarman’s book on colour. It brings together paintings from 1982 – 1992, a rich and turbulent period in the artist’s life. The works illustrate the complexity of his practice, as these paintings weave a path through a creative output that included, during these years, film-making, writing, gardening and political activism. They signal particular interests in alchemy, 17th-century metaphysics and the politics of 1980s Britain. They also register Jarman’s personal history during a time when he met Keith Collins, the love of his life, acquired Prospect Cottage in Dungeness, and made his renowned garden there. This was also the decade during which he was diagnosed with HIV and publicly fought a pervasive homophobic attitude towards sufferers of the AIDS virus.

Le coeur encore: Stefania Batoeva, Pam Evelyn, Francesca Mollett

3 July - 7 August, 2021

Le coeur encore brings together a group of new paintings by London based artists Stefania Batoeva, Pam Evelyn and Francesca Mollett. Drawing broadly on inspiration taken from hydrofeminism, psychoanalysis or the metaphysical (and metaphorical) essence of weather and the natural environment, the works included in this show ultimately find synchronicity through their expressiveness, where form and meaning is loose and ambivalent. The title, taking its name from a painting by Batoeva, perhaps suggests trusting in one’s intuition, staying with the abstract and allowing oneself to return again and again to a place of feeling and imagination unencumbered by self-consciousness. Le coeur encore also speaks of the core, the centre or meeting point of body and mind.

Tursic & Mille: Strange Days

22 June - 7 August, 2021

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to announce Strange DaysTursic & Mille’s first solo exhibition in the UK. Featuring twelve paintings and two sculptures, each of the works represents one month out of the past twelve. Serving as a kind of calendar, the exhibition emphasises that painting is always about time, and its absurdity.

Jan Agha, MahaDADDY, 2021, Oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

Jan Agha & Rupi Dhillon

15 July - 7 August 2021

Jan Agha and Roo Kaur Dhissou both make work that playfully complicates ideas around cultural authenticity. Both provide maverick strategies as to how to navigate cultural histories from the perspective of the diaspora. Their works often seemingly draw on specific histories, but in fact in different ways each artist complicates that by picking, choosing and putting together disparate cultural references. The result is less about claiming cultural authenticity but more about negotiating a transient, self-defined subject position that subtly champions the fragmentary, playful, overlapping and improvisatory.

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