Thames-Side Studios Gallery – New Songs for Old Rituals

21 August - 5 September, 2021
New Song for Old Rituals, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, installation view, 2021, photo Colin Mills, Image courtesy of Thames-Side Studios

Adam McGowan, Alexandra Searle, Luke Tomlinson, Mary Herbert, Merlin James, Neill Kidgell, Paloma Proudfoot and Tommy Ramsay

The artists in New Songs for Old Rituals stretch the intersections between their disciplines, pushing the points where painting becomes sculpture, where sculpture meets architecture, where silk screen printing meets painting and where drawing and painting meet. Boundaries are tested and examined. The works in New Songs for Old Rituals sit between the recognisable and the unknown and aim to challenge what we think we know. Structures and learnt visual hierarchies are examined and broken down. Traditional methods of display are probed.

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Work Enquiry