London Paint Club

Pontone Gallery – JIHI: Present Perfect Progressive

26 August - 26 September 2021
JIHI DON'T CROSS THE LINE, 2020 Oil on panel 117 x 91 cm 46.1 x 35.8 in Image © The Artist, Courtesy of Pontone Gallery

Pontone Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works by South Korean artist JIHI. Intimately familiar with the tropes and abbreviations of digital culture, she paints clusters and sequences of symbols and pictograms in flat, bright colour. Her compositions are assertively decorative, eschewing any spatial depth. Occasional letterforms spell out banal slogans, echoing the simple concepts of online attention-seeking. We see a network of layers of cryptic, coded information where the meaning is unknown or awaits translation. The work expresses the chaos and excitement of the contemporary digital message-stream, where bursts of quick-fire, compressed information are sprayed enthusiastically into the ether.

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