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Sid Motion Gallery x Press 24 – Charlie Billingham & Aimée Parrott

28 August - 24 September, 2021
Image © The Artist, Courtesy of Sid Motion Gallery

Sid Motion Gallery is pleased to launch Press 24 with an exhibition of recent prints and paintings produced there. Press 24 is a print room set up by Charlie Billingham in the neighbouring studio to the gallery space. With community and collaboration at the core of its ethos, Press 24 invites fellow artists and creatives to use an etching press as a playground; experimenting and celebrating all things print based.

For the launch, Sid Motion Gallery hosts an exhibition that starts in the gallery space and extends through to the print room itself – exposing the press at the heart of its activities. The exhibition is a celebration of the possibilities within print. It brings together new work by Charlie Billingham and Aimée Parrott – who have both used the press over the last 6 months.

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