London Paint Club

Unit 1 Gallery Workshop – Matthew Burrows Selects

9 September - 2 October, 2021
Image © The Artist, Courtesy of Unit 1 Gallery Workshop

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is excited to announce yet another great collaboration. “Matthew Burrows Selects” is an exhibit celebrating the renowned and hugely successful Artist Support Pledge and its founder Matthew Burrows MBE.

Matthew Burrows has kindly agreed to make a selection from artists utilising The Artist Support Pledge. We will invite each of the artists to submit works for exhibit here in our west London gallery. We will choose works from the studio of each of the selected artists that will hang alongside the Artist Support Pledge available pieces. Supporting artists is foundational to our organisation, how better to demonstrate than to highlight the amazing initiative of Mathew Burrows OBE -The Artist Support Pledge. The extraordinary popularity and success of Artist Support Pledge has shed light upon and proven that artists can have direct access to selling and buyers can find works and collect at an affordably. Often the best ideas are the most uncomplicated and unburdened – the genius of Artist Support Pledge is just that, easy and without obligation. It is estimated that the Artist Support Pledge has transacted nearly 100m in sales creating needed income for artists throughout the pandemic and beyond. All through our experience here in the gallery, we have been studying and researching how to support artists, the Artist Support Pledge has been a beacon leading our determination to find ways to fund our programmes without burdening the artists. Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop with the help of Arts Council England has developed a new art world community Fair Art Fair, that is completely aligned with Artist Support Pledge in that it is a platform to connect buyers to artists with 0% commission, as well as providing professional tools and communication to support artists to have agency and consumers to be liberated.

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