London Paint Club

BEERS London – Wünder Womxn: The Female Figurative

23 October - 23 November, 2021
Erin Armstrong, Caught in a Landslide, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 178 x 168 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of BEERS London

Erin Armstrong | Sabrina Bockler | Katja Farin | Rusudan Khizanishvili | Lindsey Kircher | Peggy Kuiper | Nastaran Shahbazi | Angela Santana | Deborah Segun | Maya Stefania Wibling | Stefania Tejada

WÜNDER WOMXN: The Female Figurative is our first (and only) group exhibition of 2021. We are thrilled to bring together such a stellar roster of exclusively female painters whose predominant painting practice surrounds the female figure. Artists in this exhibition come from varied technical and experiential backgrounds, but the overriding concept is that the works should primarily concern the female figure. Traditionally, the painted female has been a trope of male painters, from Classical Antiquity to more contemporary examples like Degas or Gauguin. However, the problems inherent in this (scopophilic gaze or) point of view have typically been that of patriarchal control or sexual desire. Not to mention an art-historical canon that has traditionally bypassed female painters almost entirely. By presenting female painters who address the female form, however, the notion shifts, becoming about identity, empowerment, and self-discovery; it can include the social and political; and in many cases, even includes a narrative focus or playful exploration. The exhibition includes various stylistic perspectives and artists with vastly different interests, all of who find a nexus of inspiration in the female. Further, we are equally thrilled to announce that the included artists come from diverse geographical backgrounds, including Canada and the USA, Greater Europe, Iran, Africa, and Colombia.

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