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Arusha Gallery – Eleanor Moreton: Winterflower

16 November - 24 November, 2021
Eleanor Moreton, Hibernia - Being, 2021, Oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Arusha Gallery, London

Arusha Gallery is delighted to present WinterFlower by Eleanor Moreton, featuring over 20 new works,  centred on a wintery landscape. “Hibernia”, a term meaning “land of winter” features heavily in the titles of these pieces, recalling Moreton’s months spent in Lockdown last year.

In these paintings, a family goes about their daily life, and children play in a peaceful, pensive manner, surrounded by the flora and fauna of the woods. Eleanor’s work recalls the idea of a post war nuclear family, much like that of her parents’ generation, where in the wake of the disruption and heartbreak of the war there was an innate desire to return to normality, serenity and suburban life.

The works expand on this, and project a sort of circling back to nature reminiscent of the 70s. At this time there was a desire to break down the rigidity of the nuclear family, which was seen to be in direct opposition to nature, favouring a return to a more holistic meshing of human and natural spheres. This is denoted by the focus on the woods, and the plant and animal life which can be found in this habitat, coexisting peacefully with the family who reside there.

In a way, our experiences of the last year have found a resonance with this, as we all have come full circle, and been forced to come back to connect more strongly not only with home life, but the nature around us in the wake of the Lockdown.

Private View: 16th November, 6-8pm

46 Great Titchfield Street, London

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