Workplace – Reflections: Part 1, Female Figures by Women Artists

20 November 2021 - 9 January, 2022
Katinka Lampe, 30402131, 2021, Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm, ©Katinka Lampe, Courtesy of the artist, Ron Mandos Gallery and Workplace London

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 20 November, 2 – 5pm

Exhibition opening hours: Sat – Sun, 11am – 5pm

WORKPLACE – Reliance Wharf, 2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET

Shannon Bono

Louise Giovanelli

Katinka Lampe

Danielle Mckinney

Ellie Pratt

Workplace is pleased to present Reflections a series of exhibitions looking at the female experience as portrayed by women identifying artists through different media. The first iteration, focussing on painting, will bring together five artists whose works begin with the female body and develop into singular explorations of the subject matter.

Using self-portraiture, film stills, studio sittings and photography as the basis for the works, Shannon Bono, Louise Giovanelli, Katinka Lampe, Danielle Mckinney and Ellie Pratt create complex depictions of women that reflect a shared contemporary experience.

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