London Paint Club

Edel Assanti – Farley Aguilar: Preludes

25 November - 18 December, 2021
Farley Aguilar, Mugshot: Freedom Rider, 1961, 2021, Oil, oil stick and pencil on linen canvas, 66 x 97 cm, 26 x 38 1/4 in, Copyright the artist, Image courtesy of Edel Assanti London

Edel Assanti is pleased to present Preludes: Farley Aguilar – the final instalment in a series of solo-artist presentations anticipating larger exhibitions with the gallery in 2022.

Aguilar’s practice addresses the social facade of community and the habitual modes of human behaviour within them such as group identity, political allegiance and cultural ritual. Working from found photographic imagery, ranging from mugshots and portraits to historical reportage, the artist’s charged paintings invoke a reappraisal of moral doctrine, human nature and the echoing of history. This sense of social justice undergirds Aguilar’s canvases, as he broaches the painter’s position as one of ethical responsibility.

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