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Pontone Gallery – Matteo Massagrande: The Mine and the Trees

5 November - 5 December, 2021
Matteo Massagrande, Amsterdam, 2020 Oil and mixed media on canvas on board, 150 x 150 cm, 59.1 x 59.1 in, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Pontone Gallery, London

Pontone Gallery is proud to present this important new show by distinguished Italian painter Matteo Massagrande. He has produced a suite of paintings inspired by Van Gogh, and in particular certain passages from letters he wrote to his brother, Theo. Earlier this year these works were exhibited at ‘Attorno a Van Gogh’ which ran alongside the major exhibition ‘Van Gogh. I Colori Della Vita’ put together by eminent curator Marco Goldin. He sought Massagrande’s involvement and set in train the development of these nine paintings.

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