London Paint Club

Sim Smith – Wild Horses

20 November - 18 December, 2021
Chantal Joffe, 2016, Lola and Scarlett, oil on canvas, 36 × 45 cm (14 ⅛ × 17 ¾ in), © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Sim Smith London

Featuring: Bar Alon, Beatriz Glezsa, Kate Groobey, Yanmei Jiang, Chantal Joffe, Aneta Kajzer, Emma Kohlmann, Florence Peake, Jurga Ramonaite, Mayan Toledano, Aviya Wyse. Curated by Bar Alon and Sim Smith. 

Bodies existing together in a space is an experience that has recently become fraught and foreign. In a time when we are used to meeting through screens or waving from a distance, the importance of contact has become all the more apparent. In having close encounters intermittently removed we have come to fully appreciate how much we crave contact and shared experiences.

And there are shared experiences in abundance in this exhibition. Wild Horses brings together 11 artists that explore a broad spectrum of relationships in all their forms. It gathers moments of togetherness but also highlights the multiplicity of relationships and the confusions therein. There are mixed messages, blurred lines and different meanings.

Work Enquiry