London Paint Club

MAMOTH – The Glass Bead Game

11 December 2021 - 29 January, 2022
Yuki Higashino
, The Dying Style: Bouquet 1, 2018, acrylic paint on Plexiglas, 53 x 41cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of MAMOTH London

MAMOTH is thrilled to present the group exhibition The Glass Bead Game, featuring work by: Julia Adelgren, Aman Aheer, Ted Gahl, Noah El Hachem, Li Heidi, Yuki Higashino, Martin Lukáč, Sangram Majumdar, Vicente Matte, Yi To and Hou Zichao.

Named after Hermann Hesse’s 1931 novel, the exhibition considers the novel’s more enigmatic elements, including the central game, as analogous to processes in contemporary painting. Though its mechanics aren’t clear, through the course of the story, we learn that the game is a place of human learning, one that rewards dedication, where meaning is made clearer, and connections between elements more pronounced the further one advances.

Work Enquiry