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Featuring: Almine Rech, V.O Curations, Lychee One, Sim Smith, Maureen Paley, Modern Art, the approach, Union Gallery and PUBLIC Gallery
Andrea Marie Breiling, Cherry Boom, 2021, Spray paint on canvas, 242.6 x 172.7 cm, 95 1/2 x 68 in, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Almine Rech, London

Andrea Marie Breiling: Sweet Dreams of Rhythm and Dancing

23 November - 18 December, 2021

Almine Rech London is pleased to present ‘Sweet Dreams of Rhythm and Dancing’, Andrea Marie Breiling’s first exhibition in London and her second solo exhibition with Almine Rech, opening on November 23 until December 18, 2021.

Watch out—I tell myself—be careful what you say, what generalizations you make about Andrea Marie Breiling’s work, because what’s true of them today may not be so tomorrow. Her art has been changing, growing, expanding so quickly, I’m not sure that even she (let alone I) can keep up with it. This kind of overwhelming energy doesn’t burst out very often in the life of an artist, and it’s rare that a critic gets to see it happening from up close, so I feel lucky that I got to know this work just at the moment when things were starting to fizz this year.

Michael & Chiyan Ho, Insidious By Nature, 2021, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm, Photo: Theo Christelis, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of V.O Curations London

Michael & Chiyan Ho: Kūnlún

19 November - 16 December, 2021

The mountains of Kūnlún, in ancient Chinese mythology, are the dwelling place of gods and fantastic beasts. They are also, of course, an actually existing mountain range. This mystical locale, situated somewhere between reality and myth, provides a particularly apt window into the practice of Michael and Chiyan Ho. The duo studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London before developing an idiosyncratic painting practice that involves pushing specks of acrylic paint from the back of the canvas to the front to form the backdrop, then switching to oil to paint the figures on top. In this laborious process, marked by both formal ingenuity and symbolic fecundity, an enigmatic space—one in which ambiguous protagonists lie afloat in nocturnal fields of lush foliage—is called into existence.

Marlene Steyn, The Tips of Eyesbergs, 2020, Oil on canvas 59 1/10 × 59 1/10 in, 150 × 150 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Lychee One London

Unfair Weather: Group Show

11 November - 17 December, 2021

Lychee One proudly presents Unfair Weather, a group exhibition curated by Lian Zhang with Anna Souter. Unfair Weather takes friendship as a structuring principle, examining the importance of personal connections in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Threads of common interest emerge through ties of affection and like-mindedness; there is a radical potential in taking friendship seriously, as a way of looking beyond traditional societal structures and responsibilities and seeking for social change based on open-heartedness, shared affection, and intimacy.

Chantal Joffe, 2016, Lola and Scarlett, oil on canvas, 36 × 45 cm (14 ⅛ × 17 ¾ in), © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Sim Smith London

Wild Horses

20 November - 18 December, 2021

Featuring: Bar Alon, Beatriz Glezsa, Kate Groobey, Yanmei Jiang, Chantal Joffe, Aneta Kajzer, Emma Kohlmann, Florence Peake, Jurga Ramonaite, Mayan Toledano, Aviya Wyse. Curated by Bar Alon and Sim Smith. 

Bodies existing together in a space is an experience that has recently become fraught and foreign. In a time when we are used to meeting through screens or waving from a distance, the importance of contact has become all the more apparent. In having close encounters intermittently removed we have come to fully appreciate how much we crave contact and shared experiences.


Chioma Ebinama, Petting a bumblebee, 2021, watercolour, coffee and turmeric on paper, 100 × 140 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Maureen Paley London

Chioma Ebinama: A Spiral Shell

29 October - 19 December, 2021

Maureen Paley is pleased to present the first solo exhibition at the gallery by Chioma Ebinama.

Chioma Ebinama (b. 1988, Maryland, USA and lives and works in Athens, Greece) is a Nigerian-American artist who is interested in how animism, mythology, and precolonial philosophies present a space to articulate a vision of freedom outside of Western social and political paradigms.

Karlo Kacharava, English Romanticism, 1993, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, © The Artist, Image courtesy of Metro Pictures, New York and Modern Art London

Karlo Kacharava: People and Places

10 October - 17 December, 2021

Modern Art is pleased to announce our first exhibition of Karlo Kacharava’s work, curated by Sanya Kantarovsky and Scott Portnoy.

Karlo Kacharava’s (1964−1994) short-lived yet oceanic body of work took shape in Tbilisi, Georgia against the backdrop of the loosening cultural boundaries afforded by the Glasnost-era Soviet Union of the 1980’s and the subsequent financial and political groundlessness of the post-Soviet 1990’s.

Bill Lynch, Tea Cup on Forest Floor, 1993, Oil on wood, 121.9 x 168.0 cm (48 x 66 1/8 in.) © The Artist, Image Courtesy of the approach London

Bill Lynch: I am a Bird from Heaven’s Garden

11 November - 18 December, 2021

The Approach is delighted to present I am a Bird from Heaven’s Garden, an exhibition of paintings and drawings, never shown until now, by the late American artist Bill Lynch (1960-2013). Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lynch immersed himself in making drawings and paintings for over three decades. He studied painting at Cooper Union in New York, and lived for a time in California. After a stint in Brooklyn and New Jersey in the early ‘90s, Lynch finally settled in Raleigh, North Carolina, to be closer to his family. Lynch passed away in 2013, leaving behind his exceptional and distinguished body of work.

Alfie Caine, Green Hallway, 2021, Acrylic, natural and latex paint on canvas in 2 (two) parts, 170 x 240 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Union London

Alfie Caine: What Lies Beyond

13 November - 18 December, 2021

UNION Gallery is pleased to present Alfie Caine’s What Lies Beyond, curated by William Gustafsson. What Lies Beyond brings to the fore the state of liminality explored in Caine’s latest body of work. Doors left temptingly ajar and far-off houses half obscured by haze entice the viewer into Caine’s worlds, where they are encouraged equally yet contrastingly to explore his meticulously detailed interior spaces while dreaming up what views and places exist in the landscapes beyond the canvas. The artist revels in these contrasts that lie deceptively beneath the works’ calm surfaces, but it is by balancing the inner oppositions that creates their atmosphere of unstilted serenity: meditative yet anticipatory.

Jennifer J. Lee, Fence, 2021, Oil on jute, 48.26 × 35.56 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of The Sunday Painter, London

Jennifer J. Lee: Drop Ceiling

18 November - 18 December, 2021

Lee makes intimate quasi-photorealistic paintings on jute. Her subjects are sourced through extensive internet searches which Lee has described as a metaphorical road trip for observational painting. Working in series the resulting images that Lee lands on are often disparate; in Drop Ceiling a log cabin, gorilla skull, wire mesh fence, a city scape and lettuce leaves hover next to one another on a coequal plane. Despite the seemingly expansive possibilities in the Lee’s selection process and the resulting groupings there is the sense of a digital claustrophobia and banality captured here; for every image of a log cabin that exists we know there’s an endless stream of thumbnails proliferating countless others.

Kylie Manning, Digging, 2021, Oil on linen, 163 × 183 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of PUBLIC Gallery London

Stress tested

18 November - 18 December, 2021

‎‎‏‏‎Public Gallery is pleased to present Stress tested, a group exhibition that centres around the notion of pressure. Bringing together a range of media and approaches, the 12 artists featured in this presentation utilise primitive or restrained movement, firm or gentle force alongside honest, unwavering gestures. Their subject matter and medium are worked to the limit, and the unintended consequences of their undoing form new physicalities and dialogues.

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