London Paint Club


21 January - 26 February, 2022
Jenna Gribbon, Stormy sea tropescape, 2021, © The Artist - Image Courtesy of MASSIMODECARLO London

MASSIMODECARLO is delighted to present Light Holding, Jenna Gribbon’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The paintings question the feelings and implications of seeing and being seen through their exploration of performative, constructed and real intimacy. Occupying the artist’s point of view in the scenes, we are encouraged not only to look at the subject but invited to view Gribbon’s own experience of looking at them. Forced into this position, we become aware of our place in the triumvirate relationship between artist, subject and viewer.

Although all the works in Light Holding explore the close relationships between Gribbon and her partner Mackenzie Scott and her son, the exhibition can be divided into three series, dictated by scale, style, and the role played by the subject, artist and viewer. Paint, which Gribbon handles deftly and succinctly, is also applied with variety between the works, with brushstrokes loosening and widening in tandem with their growing scale.

Work Enquiry