David Zwirner – Rose Wylie: Car and girls

20 January - 19 February, 2022
Rose Wylie, Pink Girl, Like an Assyrian Dancer and Pink Clouds, 2021 Oil on canvas in (2) two parts Left canvas: 72 1/4 x 61 3/8 inches (183.5 x 156 cm) Right canvas: 72 1/4 x 61 3/4 inches (183.5 x 157 cm) Overall: 72 1/4 x 123 1/4 inches (183.5 x 313 cm), © The Artist, Image Courtesy of David Zwirner, London

David Zwirner is pleased to present new work by British artist Rose Wylie (b. 1934) in The Upper Room at the gallery’s London location. The exhibition will feature both two- and three-dimensional works, emphasising the interchange between painting and sculpture in the artist’s practice and highlighting the way in which her move into sculpture in recent years has enabled her to explore new perspectives on recurrent motifs.

Wylie has become known for her uniquely recognisable, colourful, and exuberant compositions that at first glance appear aesthetically simplistic, not seeming to align with any discernible style or movement, but on closer inspection are revealed to be wittily observed and subtly sophisticated meditations on the nature of visual representation itself. While sculpture is a relatively new innovation in the artist’s body of work, introduced within the last five years, Wylie has long been interested in exploring perspectival and compositional strategies other than, and as well as, traditional Renaissance perspective, frequently making numerous iterations of a given theme or motif as a means of advancing her formal investigation. 

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