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Frieze No.9 Cork Street – Dastan Gallery: Soft Edge of the Blade

3 February - 1 March, 2022
Nicky Nodjoumi, Give Yourself a Chance, 2020, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Dastan Gallery and Frieze no. 9 Cork Street, London

Dastan Gallery presents ‘Soft Edge of the Blade’, the first in a new series of exhibitions at No.9 Cork Street in London, from 3 February – 1 March 2022.

This free exhibition explores the ways contemporary Iranian artists handle and respond in their work to the many aspects of violence in the Middle East. From the more obvious forms of violence – be it war, political oppression or state violence – to the more subtle and insidious forms of “soft” violence afflicting Iranians today, including migration and diaspora, identity and gender, patriarchy and family, the weight of history on individuals or the use of the language of oppression in the digital age – ‘Soft Edge of the Blade’ offers visitors the opportunity to discover or delve deeper into Iran’s leading contemporary art scene.

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