Cecilia Brunson Projects – Jaime Gili: Loop

17 February - 18 March, 2022
© The Artist, Image Courtesy of Cecilia Brunson Projects, London

Jaime Gili’s Loop is demonstrative of the importance of repetition within the artist’s practice; with these new paintings he revisits old designs and sharp geometric constructions with a focus on colour. The title of the show refers to various recurring elements of Gili’s painting practice; the paintings stem from designs made by the artist up to two decades ago, ideas that have not been realised until now. The title also references looping narratives in Gili’s personal and family history – his father’s diaries from the 1960s were fundamental to the conception of this exhibition. Jaime Gili Snr fled from Francoist Spain and ended up in Venezuela in 1968, a time in which Venezuela was a very rich nation. Today, half a century later, Venezuela is one of the poorest nations in Latin America and since 2014, it is estimated that over 6 million Venezuelans have emigrated. With this exhibition Gili is attempting to make sense of this downward spiral and subsequent diaspora. There is a mirroring (or looping) in this family story: Gili’s father crossed the Atlantic from Europe to Venezuela and eventually his son would make the reverse journey, settling in London.

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