London Paint Club

Lychee One – Benjamin Murphy: DISASTERPIECE

27 January - 12 March, 2022

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Benjamin Murphy, Glacial (Avocado), 2021, Charcoal on raw canvas (fixed), 60 x 45 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Lychee One, London

“Thus, in a middle course between these heights and depths, they drifted through life rather than lived, the prey of aimless days and sterile memories, like wandering shadows that could have acquired substance only by consenting to root themselves in the solid earth of their distress.”
– Albert Camus

Disasterpiece is a show of dichotomies. Dichotomies between balance and chaos, beauty and disorder, abstraction and representation, extravagance and the abject.

It is a show that has been borne out of the hectic and significant portion of history that has been the last two years. Global chaos ran rampant and optimism, beauty, and creativity were hard to find. All over the world the resilience of the human spirit triumphed and many lessons were learnt. This show is tied temporally to that period of history, and as such had become in some ways the artist’s response to it. Indirect and inchoate though it may be.

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