London Paint Club

Union Pacific – Martin Soto Climent: Gentle Stranger

19 February - 19 March, 2022
Martin Soto Climent, La ascension recta del Sol, la Luna o Planetas, Ink, colour pencil and colour marker on paper, 23 x 17 cm (unframed), © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Union Pacific, London

Martín Soto Climént is an artist best-known for his poetic, humorous, and sensual transformations of simple, everyday objects. From the onset, Soto Climént’s practice has been both rigorously conceptual and playfully diverse: he has made sculptures and installations with anything ranging from pearl-necklaces to window-shields; he has re-purposed vintage-photography by folding various images into each other rather than collaging them; and he has explored the painterly and sculptural potential of women’s tights, to name just a few of his artistic endeavors and innovations. Desire runs like a red thread through Soto Climént’s rich body of work – from his early work with found objects to his more recent bodies of work, with which he has ventured into drawing and painting. Indeed, the artist is not only interested in desire’s transformative power and how to trigger it via his artistic manipulations of materials and objects, but also in the psychoanalytic apparatus attached to it, as well as the many terms and categories that accompany it.

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