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Ana Benaroya, My Reflection of You, Acrylic, spray paint and oil on canvas, 2020, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of The Perimeter, London

My Reflection of You: Presented by Alexander Petalas and Russell Tovey

24 February - 25 June, 2022

The Perimeter is proud to present My Reflection of You, a new group exhibition featuring contemporary works from two private collections. Alexander Petalas and Russell Tovey have selected works that highlight common themes and dialogues running through both of their collections. This exhibition explores the symbiotic nature of collecting: the ways in which an individual informs and shapes their own personal collection and how this in turn can create a wider dialogue with others.

Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Rudolf Stingel and Christopher Wool: Take a Picture Make a Picture

24 February - 21 May, 2022

Opening on 24th February 2022, Sculptures explores a considered meld of an individual artistic gesture and popular imagery in iconic paintings by Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Rudolf Stingel and Christopher Wool – the key exponents of the generation which came of age in the 1980s. Through distinct visual modes, the artists painstakingly portray mass-produced decorative patterns, excerpts from advertising or popular cartoons, which at times bear traces of the hand. Configured into dynamic compositions via layering, repetition and collage, the readymade imagery transforms into an unlikely channel for personal expression, signifying the artists’ complex attitudes to the notions of authorship and originality.

Patrick H Jones, Lowering (2022), Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 210 x 190, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of The Sunday Painter, London

Patrick H Jones: After Dad

26 February - 2 April, 2022

Maria Bartuszová, Untitled, 1985, plaster and string, 48 x 56 x 20.5 cm (18 7/8 x 22 1/8 x 8 1/8 in). © The Archive of Maria Bartuszová, Košice, Image Courtesy of Alison Jacques, London

Of The Surface Of Things

24 February - 26 March, 2022

Alison Jacques is pleased to present ‘Of the Surface of Things’, a four-person exhibition exploring the communicative potential of raw materials and exposed surfaces. The artists in dialogue are Maria Bartuszová (b. 1936, Prague, Czechoslovakia; d. 1996, Košice, Slovakia); Sheila Hicks (b. Hastings, Nebraska, 1934), who has worked in Paris for over 40 years; Hannah Wilke (b. 1940, New York, US; d. 1993, Houston, US); and Erika Verzutti (b. 1971, São Paulo, Brazil).

© Julien Ceccaldi, Image Courtesy of Modern Art, London

Julien Ceccaldi

24 February - 19 March, 2022

Modern Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Julien Ceccaldi at its Helmet Row gallery. This is Ceccaldi’s first solo exhibition with Modern Art.

Working in painting, sculpture, and comic books, Julien Ceccaldi explores a set of archetypal characters that morph and develop in different iterations of themselves. Influenced by the Shōjo manga genre — which focuses on romantic relationships and heightened emotions, Ceccaldi portrays characters as yearning or aspiring in some form or another: for love, sex or success. Attention or affirmation is sought through different means, and Ceccaldi’s world tends to be split into two polarised types of being: hulking, muscular, glowing bodies – aloof targets of sexual and romantic desire – and the unnoticed, exhausted other in this unrequited dyad. Through compositions framing the gaunt, almost repulsive, figure as a lead protagonist, the artist hints at the grace and nobility lying underneath their off-putting traits.

Kerry James Marshall, Untitled (Painter), 2008, Acrylic on PVC panel in artist’s frame, 73 x 62.9 cm. Collection of Charlotte and Herbert S. Wagner III. © Kerry James Marshall. Courtesy of the artist, David Zwirner London and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. Photo: Steve Briggs.

A Century of the Artist’s Studio: 1920 – 2020

24 February - 5 June, 2022

Whitechapel Gallery presents a 100-year survey of the studio through the work of artists and image-makers from around the world.

Whether it be an abandoned factory, an attic or a kitchen table, it is the artist’s studio where the great art of our time is conceived and created. In this multi-media exhibition, the wide-ranging possibilities and significance of these crucibles of creativity take centre stage and new art histories around the modern studio emerge through striking juxtapositions of under-recognised artists with celebrated figures in Western art history.

The exhibition brings together more than 100 works by over 80 artists and collectives from Africa, Australasia, South Asia, China, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, North and South America. They range from modern icons such as Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Egon Schiele and Andy Warhol, to contemporary figures such as Walead Beshty, Lisa Brice and Kerry James Marshall.

© Per Kirkeby, Image courtesy of Michael Werner Gallery, London

Per Kirkeby - Geological Messages: Paintings from 1965-2015

24 February - 21 May, 2022

Michael Werner Gallery, London is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Danish artist Per Kirkeby (1938-2018). Taking the form of a small retrospective, the show focuses on the artist’s lifelong engagement with landscape, geology, and the natural world.

Kirkeby’s interest in visible and invisible structures that configure the physical world has been well-documented. The artist studied geology in the 1950s, traveling on expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic. Making a radical shift in his life, Kirkeby decided to become an artist and enrolled in Copenhagen’s Experimental Art School in the early 1960s.

Secret of Lightness

22 February - 14 April, 2022

Andrew Pierre Hart, Tim Head, Andrea Heller, Laurence Kavanagh, Aimée Parrott

‘Whenever humanity seems condemned to heaviness, I think I should fly like Perseus into a different space. I don’t mean escaping into dreams or into the irrational. I mean that I have to change my approach, look at the world from a different perspective, with a different logic and with fresh methods of cognition and verification. The images of lightness that I seek should not fade away like dreams dissolved by the realities of the present and future…’

Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium: Lightness (1985)

© The Artist, Image courtesy of Sid Motion Gallery, London

Internal Weather

24 February - 2 April, 2022

Sid Motion Gallery is pleased to present ‘Internal Weather’, the gallery’s 50th physical exhibition and the first in a newly expanded space. In this moment of expansion, the gallery takes the opportunity to include new voices and disciplines with a group show of 7 artists, 5 of whom have not shown with the gallery before.

The artists in this exhibition have been selected for their exploration of themes of identity, self consciousness, gaze, sexuality and binary definitions of gender. Such timely and important themes has allowed the gallery to group together artists that investigate their interest in these areas in many different ways.

The exhibition title is borrowed from the series of jesmonite wall based sculptures by Tom Woolner included in the exhibition. Much like the exhibition, the series is an investigation of self and identity.

© David Hepher, Image courtesy of Flowers, London

David Hepher: Concrete Skies: The Vauxhall Series

25 February - 2 April, 2022

For more than forty years, British artist David Hepher has centred his work on the high-rise architecture of South London. His paintings have been described as both celebrating and mourning modernism in modes that are ‘futuristic and nostalgic, utopian and entropic.

Concrete Skies: The Vauxhall Series is an exhibition of recent works responding to the city’s rapidly evolving building developments. This series of paintings features a single column of concrete and an adjoining crane seen from multiple viewpoints at a site in Vauxhall, investigating the formal relationship between the two opposing structures.

© The Artist, Image courtesy of The Approach, London

John Stezaker: Double Shadow

24 February - 26 March, 2022

The Approach is pleased to present Double Shadow, a solo exhibition of new collage works by John Stezaker.

Duality, both physical and metaphoric have always been at the centre of Stezaker’s work. In the most recent Double Shadow collages the processes of splitting and doubling are used to reflect on the duplicitous figure of the uncanny: the doppelgänger, Janus and hermaphrodite figures. The combination of silhouette contours reanimate these archetypal images from their most anodyne source. The contours of the figures of masculinity and femininity, so sharply delineated in 1950s Hollywood images, are dissolved into strange and sometimes monstrous hybrids; uneasy pairings created in the intersection of shadows that seem to hover between worlds. Inspired by the use of silhouettes in fin de siécle fairytale illustrations and early expressionist cinema, Stezaker claims to have “rediscovered the pleasures of drawing” in these works, “in the power of contour to delineate the edge between presence and absence and the imaginary and the real.”

Alex Hamilton and Erika Winstone: The empty way earth gets to its feet

25 February - 26 March, 2022

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is pleased to present The empty way earth gets to its feet, an exhibition featuring Alex Hamilton’s latest works on paper alongside an installation by Erika Winstone. 

In Alex Hamilton’s drawings space is fragmented, ambivalent and irrevocably changed, yet to some extent familiar. As if looking at the reflection of a broken mirror, our perception of space is altered and the boundaries between memory and imagination are blurred.  

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Featuring new exhibitions opening this week at: Modern Art, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, The Approach, The Sunday Painter, Flowers, Sim Smith, Sid Motion Gallery, Parafin, Skarstedt, Michael Werner Gallery, The Perimeter, Whitechapel Gallery

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