BEERS London – Martin Daiber: Human Gardens

6 March - 2 April, 2022
Martin Daiber, German Forest (2021), Acrylic, Spray, Paint and Paper on Canvas, 145 x 210 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of BEERS London

Preview: Saturday 5 March, 2022 (1-4pm)

When we view the works of Martin Daiber, we see a sort of organized chaos: structures that aspire to break from their confines, and others that seem clipped, as if the Chilean artist has attempted to create thoughtful systems of representation.

In his first gallery solo, entitled Human Gardens, Daiber presents paintings, works on paper, and sculptures that seem to question the very nature and desire of our existence. At this point, it seems almost trite to state that any creative works have arisen as a result of mid- or post-pandemic society, but the reality is that this context is inescapable and inevitable. In 2021 the artist and his family moved to Aschersleben, Germany, for a residency. For three months his life (and that of his wife and child) were limited to his work in the residency studio. This idea of confinement, estrangement, and even confusion seems to enfold and form the very existence of these works.

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