CASSIUS&Co.– Night Work

5 March - 28 May, 2022
Raphael Egil, Nacht, 2017. Oil and tempera on canvas, 160 x 120 cm. © The Artist, Image Courtesy of CASSIUS&Co. London

Raphael Egil, Dominique Knowles, Kaoli Mashio, Dorothea Stiegemann

CASSIUS&Co. is delighted to announce its fourth exhibition, the last of its inaugural year, Night Work, a group exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Raphael Egil, Dominique Knowles, Kaoli Mashio and Dorothea Stiegemann. The exhibition will open at 63 Kinnerton Street, London, on 5th March 2022 and run until 28th May 2022.

Night Work began with a reading of a 1978 essay by Murray Melbin titled Night as Frontier that was reproduced in Cady Noland’s cataclysmic book The Clip-On Method in 2021. Here, the author relates the features of the night, and the tendencies of human behaviour at night, to those of life on the American frontier: wilder, more violent, more welcoming and prone to dreaming, removed in both instances from the productive centres of so-called civilised life. And just as that propensity for wildness was dissolved as greater swathes of North America were colonised, so too has the temporal space of the night become less and less wild as artificial light, and the possibility to live and work at all hours, takes over our homes and our cities. Light is read as this purveyor of civility, a colonising force that erodes our capacity for instinctual, elemental behaviours.

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