Maureen Paley – Paulo Nimer Pjota

11 March - 24 April, 2022
Jardim alquímico de noite, 2022, acrylic, oil and tempera on canvas plus resin objects, 200 × 256 cm, 2022, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Maureen Paley London

Preview Day: Friday 11 March, 11 am – 7 pm

Maureen Paley is pleased to announce our third exhibition by Paulo Nimer Pjota. This exhibition will be presented across the gallery’s two London spaces at 60 Three Colts Lane and Studio M and will coincide with his solo exhibition Every Empire Breaks Like a Vase, which is currently on view until 18 March 2022 at The Power Station, Dallas, Texas.

‘Paulo Nimer Pjota’s compositions are uncanny reflections of the free associations that accrue at the liminal edges of our collective stream of consciousness… (His) intermingling of things extracted from high and low culture, and from periods across history, exposed the mechanisms that determine our beliefs and behaviour. The contingency of being was teased out by these unlikely contiguities, revealing reality as a state in constant flux, transfigured with each successive encounter, and the present as a place where all of time collides.’

Cathryn Drake, Artforum, October 2021

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