Almine Rech – Marcus Jahmal

Marcus Jahmal in his studio in Brooklyn, 2021 / © Marcus Jahmal - Courtesy of the Artist and Almine Rech - Photo: Zeph Colombatto

(7 April – 14 May, 2022)

Opening: Thursday, April 7th, 6-8PM

Almine Rech London is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by American artist Marcus Jahmal, on view from April 7 until May 14, 2022. This will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in London and the fourth solo exhibition with Almine Rech.

‘In Marcus Jahmal’s new paintings, purple hurtles along the continuum of human history. The figures that populate his washy fields wear nothing at all, a self-abnegating refusal of millenia of class structure. They have become purple itself, their skin pulsating violet, as if emanating light. Jahmal’s color sense is finely tuned, taking something of the rabid passion of the Fauvists and the emotional immediacy of the Neo-Expressionists (there are other overlaps, too: a rejection of three-dimensional space, for example). On the chromatic spectrum, purple exists somewhere between the tempestuous fury of red and the calm cool of blue. It takes both humors and makes its own. Purple vibrates at the uppermost length of the visible spectrum. Travel any further and you’ve left the physical realm. You can do that in a Marcus Jahmal picture, too.’

— Max Lakin

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