König London – Fabian Warnsing: Rain Drops Rain Bows

18 March - 16 April, 2022
© The Artist, Image Courtesy of König London

KÖNIG LONDON is pleased to present the first solo exhibition with the German painter Fabian Warnsing. RAIN DROPS RAIN BOWS comprises Warnsing’s most recent works on canvas, in which he employs and challenges traditional pictorial genres such as the female nude, interiors and still lifes.

Warnsing’s motifs are inspired by his physical and virtual surroundings, enhanced and transformed through his imagination. He draws incessantly – in museums, in front of the computer, while looking at photos or films. Always on the lookout for new images, Warnsing is building a continuously expanding archive that documents characters, objects, abstract forms and fragments of texts. He assembles these into compositions that provoke layers of open association.

The reduced, chromatic visual language of these paintings sit within the aesthetics of early animations in video games. Born in the 1990s, Warnsing belongs to a generation that grew up under the strong influence of digital imagery, witnessing its rapid development first hand. In his practice, he analyses the possibilities and inherent constraints of this imagery within his paintings. He is not interested in the smooth surfaces of perfect renderings that we know today, but rather indulges in the flaws and glitches of the digital image.

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