ASC Gallery – Patternicity: Curated by Christina Niederberger and John Walter

26 March - 23 April, 2022

Gallery Profile

Opening: Friday, 25 March: 6-9PM

Patternicity is an exhibition of painting, textile and sculpture by a diverse group of contemporary artists whose works explore the nature of patterns in their (art)historical, national and gendered dimensions. By operating at the intersections of the formal vocabularies employed by art and craft the exhibited works open up questions about identity, order and chaos, the nature of visual algorithms, and re-engineering genres.

In general terms a pattern is defined as a recognizably consistent and predictable series of related man made or naturally occurring phenomena – either visual, auditory or machine-generated. Depending on context patterns are categorised as decoration, as models and guides, as reliable and repetitive samples and traits, as established modes of behaviour or as beliefs. An understanding of pattern in this way allows scope for transgression and hybridization for artistic practice.

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Work Enquiry