BEERS London – Andrew Salgado: A Never-Setting Sun

Andrew Salgado, 'First it is the Daytime...', oil, pastel, and collage on linen, 40x35cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of BEERS, London

(10 April – 14 May, 2022)

Preview: Saturday, April 9th: 1-4PM

Andrew Salgado returns to BEERS for his fifth solo show with the gallery, following both 2020’s Strange Weather and 2016’s The Snake. The new body of work, entitled A Never-Setting Sun, is both a critical look at the creative process, as well as a deep-dive into various themes of interest to the artist.

Salgado approaches themes of failure, inspiration, and exuberance with his wry sense of humor and trademark style, but states that, at its core, the show is ‘about making mistakes.’ This time around, those Salgado-isms seem tempered. Gone are the bells and whistles and loud proclamations (well, not completely,) but Salgado has edited the works to a place of quiet introspection. He seems comfortable pursuing a quieter path. The resulting body of works are more reflective, introspective, and metaphoric, but also maintain an element of silliness, the fantastical or absurd, pulling inspiration from his ongoing love of literature, poetry, and Greek Mythology.

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