Grove Collective – Navot Miller: Alex & Philippe & Willi & Zach.

Navot Miller © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Grove Collective, London

(13 April – 14 May, 2022)

Opening Wednesday April 13th 6-8:30pm

Grove Collective is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition Alex & Philippe & Willi & Zach., a solo show by Berlin-based artist Navot Miller, curated by Russell Tovey, on view at Grove Collective’s Battersea space from April 13th to May 14th, 2022. This is the first time that Grove Collective has worked with either Miller or Tovey.

Navot Miller does not shy away from colour; the opulence of his palette is intentionally striking to the viewer. This, coupled with Miller’s channeling of bricolage aesthetic to interrogate pictorial depth, can initially be disorienting: large, bright canvases beam pinks, yellows, and blues into the room, often outshining their surrounds with ease. But Miller is much more than a flashy palette. His subtle compositions and intimacy with his subject matter create an effortless bond with the viewer, inviting consideration.

Perhaps one of the most engaging facets of Miller’s work is the simultaneous proximity and distance he is able to convey – the intimacy with subjects allows the viewer to feel present in the scene, while the visual perspective of the work itself may often be that of the voyeur. This is in part due to his method of documentation; Miller is an avid photographer and videographer, often using his camera to capture lived experiences in order to refer to them later. But still, a keen sense of visual structure allows Miller to amend the chaos of life accordingly. As such, his works can appear calculated, if not architectural.

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