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Featuring: ASC Gallery, Unit London, Goodman Gallery, Sadie Coles HQ, Gagosian, Galerie Max Hetzler, Hauser & Wirth, Maureen Paley, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery

1. ASC Gallery

Patternicity: Curated by Christina Niederberger and John Walter

26 March - 23 April, 2022

Patternicity is an exhibition of painting, textile and sculpture by a diverse group of contemporary artists whose works explore the nature of patterns in their (art)historical, national and gendered dimensions. By operating at the intersections of the formal vocabularies employed by art and craft the exhibited works open up questions about identity, order and chaos, the nature of visual algorithms, and re-engineering genres.

2. Unit London

© The Artist, Image Courtesy of Unit London

Jake Wood-Evans: The Edge of Reality

22 March - 23 April, 2022

Jake Wood-Evans’ newest body of work unfolds in a series of dreamlike moments. At once earthly and strange, the exhibition charts a constellation of ethereal vignettes that float between reality and an alternate existence. Spectral figures and landscapes occupy an uncanny world where past and present converge; multiple timelines coexist as elements of history seep into our contemporary experience. Using familiar reference material, Wood-Evans combines the ambiguous with the unexpected, ushering us into a space in which each painting lingers on the boundary of an otherworldly plane. In essence, The Edge of Reality calls on us to look further, disrupting what we think we know to give way to new scopes of additional meanings.

3. Goodman Gallery

Clive van Den Berg, Fugitive Marks I, 2022, Oil on canvas, 220 x 320 cm, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Goodman Gallery, London

Clive van Den Berg: Fugitive Marks Clive van den Berg

16 March - 23 April, 2022

Goodman Gallery presents Fugitive Marks, Clive van den Berg’s first solo exhibition in London, in which the artist uses landscape painting as a vehicle with which to unearth suppressed narratives.

4. Sadie Coles HQ (Bury St)

Gabriel Kuri: motion in acceptance of an impending crash

11 March - 23 April, 2022

Gabriel Kuri’s exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ this spring features three new bodies of work. In sculptural reliefs, textiles and assemblages of fabricated materials, Kuri explores ideas that have guided his practice in recent years – those of material and immaterial exchange, and the capacity for any given system to presage its own disintegration.

5. Gagosian (Davie’s St)

Francis Bacon, ‘Landscape with Pope/Dictator’, c. 1946, Oil on canvas, 55 ⅛ × 43 ¼ inches (140 × 110 cm) © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved. DACS 2022, Image Courtesy of Gagosian, London

Francis Bacon: The First Pope

15 March - 23 April, 2022

Gagosian is pleased to announce the exhibition of Francis Bacon’s first treatment of the papal image—a subject that would preoccupy the artist on and off for at least two decades. Executed circa 1946, this highly important picture in Bacon’s oeuvre has never before been exhibited publicly. The canvas entered a private collection in 1967 and was only rediscovered during the compilation of the artist’s catalogue raisonné by Martin Harrison, which was published in 2016. The painting will be on view in Gagosian’s Davies Street gallery from March 15 to April 23, 2022.

6. Galerie Max Hetzler

Jeff Elrod, Untitled, 2020, acrylic, oil stick and spray paint on canvas, 213.3 x 170 cm.; 84 x 67 in., © Jeff Elrod, Photo: Damian Griffiths. Image Courtesy of Galerie Max Hetzler, London

Jeff Elrod

3 March - 21 April, 2022

“Aesthetically I was drawn to vector-based programs, the same way I was drawn to Barnett Newman.”
– Jeff Elrod

7. Hauser & Wirth

Ed Clark, Untitled, 1996 Acrylic on canvas, 286.4 x 303.5 cm / 112 3/4 x 119 1/2 in © The Estate of Ed Clark Photo: Dan Bradica, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Hauser & Wirth, London

Ed Clark: Without a Doubt

19 January - 20 April, 2022

A pioneer of the New York School, Ed Clark pushed the boundaries of abstraction beyond expressionism, with a focus on materiality, form and colour. This exhibition is the artist’s first ever solo presentation in the UK and follows his inclusion in the landmark touring exhibition ‘Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power 1963 – 1983’. 

8. Maureen Paley

Jardim alquímico de noite, 2022, acrylic, oil and tempera on canvas plus resin objects, 200 × 256 cm, 2022, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Maureen Paley London

Paulo Nimer Pjota

11 March - 24 April, 2022

Maureen Paley is pleased to announce our third exhibition by Paulo Nimer Pjota. This exhibition will be presented across the gallery’s two London spaces at 60 Three Colts Lane and Studio M and will coincide with his solo exhibition Every Empire Breaks Like a Vase, which is currently on view until 18 March 2022 at The Power Station, Dallas, Texas.

9. Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London Bridge)

Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Here comes Success, 2021 | Oil on Linoleum | 185 x 123 cm / 72 7/8 x 48 3/8 in, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of Kristin Hjellegjerde London

Ruprecht von Kaufmann: In the Street

19 March - 23 April, 2022

A punk crouches on the street watching passersby while glamorous young couples party and smoke cigarettes, and elderly aristocrats pose stiffly in an armchair. This latest series of paintings by German artist Ruprecht von Kaufmann offer intimate glimpses of the everyday, visualised in bright, textural gestures of paint punctuated by abrupt, violent marks of erasure.

10. Sundy

Emmanuel Awuni: Lamps

5 March - 24 April, 2022

Sundy is delighted to present “Lamps”, a solo show by London based artist Emmanuel Awuni and the inaugural exhibition in the new gallery space in Vauxhall.

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