Sim Smith – Tim Garwood: Horatiu Bolder

Image Courtesy of Sim Smith London

7 May – 11 June, 2022

Opening: Saturday 7 May, 1-5PM

We are delighted to announce the opening of Horatiu Boldor, a solo exhibition by British artist Tim Garwood. The exhibition is an exploration of gestural abstraction on Garwood’s terms. His relentless curiosity spans a rich and diverse practice that explores a colourful and vigorously gestural world of paint and a love of objects acquired from outside of his studios, resulting in multiple mediums of choice.

The paintings in this show are intense, a result of a succession of real-time decisions. Risky and impulsive, spatially complex and spontaneously composed, he paints on panes of glass; back to front, upside down. The results are spellbinding; dangerous and beautiful, polished and slick. He also paints on sack cloth and tablecloths with grid like patterns that warp and wiggle, with great globules of paint heftily spattered on the plane. Neon tubes spark, fizz and shine against these surfaces with cables that drape like heavy tendrils in a forest.

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