The Sunday Painter – Cynthia Daignault: Xanadu

Cynthia Daignault Punk is Dead (detail), 2022, © The Artist, Image Courtesy of The Sunday Painter, London

4 May – 4 June

Private View: Tuesday, 3 May: 6:30-9PM

The Sunday Painter is pleased to present Xanadu, the third solo show by Cynthia Daignault at the gallery. In Xanadu, Daignault shows oil paintings on paper, hung salon-style, and affixed flush to the wall. These are her first works painted on paper, and Daignault creates flat paintings, a step closer to their virtual references. The gallery itself becomes a metaphor for a digital image array, akin to Instagram or Google. Each wall in the gallery represents one work, and after this presentation, the works will then be packed into unique solander boxes that allows the viewer to experience the paintings in narrative time, as when flipping the pages of a book, or scrolling through the stories on a feed. Daignault is best known for her serial works. She uses seriality to explore the way media has defined the forms of our memory, history and culture. Unlike the nihilism inherent in a digital image search, Daignault strives to build meaningful image streams, portraying how people today experience complex concepts and ideas. Swirling around big topics like whiteness, or suburbia, or punk, or social media, or war, or the environmental crisis, Daignault portrays our fractious contemporary consciousness and this turbulent moment in time.

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