Grove Collective – Colm Mac Athlaoich: Autrefois

© Colm Mac Athlaoich, Image Courtesy of Grove Collective London

19 May – 18 June, 2022

Opening: Thursday, 19th May, 6-8.30pm

Mac Athlaoich often produces discrete bodies of work, with all of the paintings revolving around a central theme. For Autrefois, Mac Athlaoich explains the impetus behind this most recent series as follows:

Autrefois follows on from my Percept series, where I treated my paintings as tools for exploring the relationship between painting and the photograph; ourselves and the image. Process became both central and conceptual, as in the mark-making was derived from analysing press or publicly published photographs in a way to dismantle the image. In doing so, expanding the time we spend looking and engaging with it, and challenging our understanding of perception. Certain criteria became more important to me, to isolate a narrative, to generate an ‘obedient eye’. Re-structuring of an image allows for new pictorial challenges as well as re-positioning the viewer’s relationship to the subject.

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