Lévy Gorvy: Rite of Passage

Lina Iris Viktor, I bargained with my sins and shed my skins. (2022). 24 carat gold, acrylic, graphite, gesso, raffia, silk on wood panel. 72⁷⁄₁₆ x 59¹³⁄₁₆ x 2¾ inches. © The Artist, Image Courtesy LGDR Bond Street.

30 June – 17 September, 2022

LGDR presents Rite of Passage: Lina Iris Viktor with César, Louise Bourgeois, Louise Nevelson, and Yves Klein, a presentation of works by Lina Iris Viktor and historic artists whose work finds echoes in her practice. Revealing connections across color, process, and material, this dialogue complements Viktor’s recent shift toward a more intuitive, abstract, and visceral mode of expression. Rite of Passage demonstrates this turn in the artist’s practice, debuting a new work that Viktor created for the presentation at LGDR. A selection of the artist’s recent paintings and sculptures are concurrently on view in the exhibition In the Black Fantastic at the Hayward Gallery, London. .

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