Katie Fiszman

“I’m 42 years old, a ‘late-bloomer’ who left art school abruptly 20 years ago to gain some life experience. And now I’m back. I was born in London, but now live in Wales and despite having visited lots of different countries around the world, I still find myself inspired by the kitchen sink and washing up paraphernalia in my own home. I’d much rather paint it than do it – as in, the washing up. And I’d also much rather be painting than doing IT. I like to think that’s a sign of maturity!”

Katie Fiszman, Do The Dishes, 2020, Watercolour and conté on paper, 42 x 59 cm, © The Artist
Katie Fiszman, Kitchen Scene, 2020, Gouache and conté on wood panel, 42 x 30 cm, © The Artist
Katie Fiszman, Still Life With Washing Up, 2020, Water colour and graphite on paper, 63 x 76 cm, © The Artist

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