Marcus Aitken

Marcus Aitken is a contemporary artist living and working in South London who uses a combination of layering, distressing and blending to present a multifaceted surface to his work. His background in design has developed his artistic style creating cutting edge abstract works with vibrant and exciting sculptural elements. He has shown in exhibitions internationally and had his work featured by various publications.

Marcus Aitken, Automation, 2020, acrylic, ink and pencil on structural ply, 70 cm x 60 cm © The Artist
Marcus Aitken, Celebrate your mother, 2020, acrylic, ink and pencil on ply, 68 cm x 54cm © The Artist
Marcus Aitken, Slow Learner, 2020, acrylic, ink and pencil on plywood, 56 cm x 72 cm © The Artist

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