Pauline Brami

Pauline Brami is French of Dutch and Tunisian origins. She is currently finishing her studies at Beaux Arts de Paris, in the Tatiana Trouvé workshop. Her work, through painting, sculpture and installation, focuses on the analogies that exist between the sacred, the human body and geology.

In the series “Courants” she questions the relationship that is woven between the disorganised living and human construction. Hybrid landscapes between artificial architectures and organic proliferation emerge on the surface. In turn, the two dimensions overlap and exchange components. Elaborate herbal fluids propagate over the surface and intermingle with mineral and cold graphite shapes. We can see aerial views of changing geography, fields of human vision or microscopic views of the interior of the body and the cellular world. She seeks to show the loss of reference and the feeling of floating and transparency that exist between these spaces.

Pauline Brami, Courants dans l'obscurité, 2020, graphite and decoction on paper, 100 x 130 cm, © The Artist
Pauline Brami, Espaces enchevêtrés, 2020, graphite and decoction on paper, 47 x 39 cm, © The Artist
Pauline Brami, Passages, 2020, graphite and decoction on paper, 88 x 65 cm, © The Artist

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