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In person: 26 – 27 November, 2022

Online 26 November - 26 December, 2022

Thomas Cameron

Born 1992 in Glasgow, Scotland | Lives and works in London, UK

Thomas Cameron paints everyday moments of city life and captures the tension between isolation and togetherness experienced in urban environments. Cameron depicts consumerist signifiers such as mannequins, supermarkets, vending machines, fast food outlets and delivery drivers, illuminating the disposable, fast-paced detached lives we live today. His work aims to present and de-familiarize the overlooked, understated, fleeting moments in life, imbuing the everyday with a sense of beauty and grandeur.

Cameron incorporates photographs from old family photo albums in his painting process. The untold stories, other-worldly colours, unexpected compositions and soft details of film photography contain an unintentional beauty and pathos. Cameron’s work is also influenced by film and cinematic devices to create psychological landscapes and suggested narratives left open to interpretation. Cameron’s attention to the application and tactility of oil paint is highlighted through the use of brushstrokes, which lends a shorthand expression of detail to create ambiguity.

Questions, 2022 Oil on canvas 40 x 56 cm
Mannequin, 2022 Oil on canvas 40.5 x 51 cm

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