Selects: Vol. 2

In person: 26 – 27 November, 2022

Online 26 November - 26 December, 2022

Claire Shakespeare

Born in 1998 in Stourbridge, UK | Lives and works in London, UK

Claire Shakespeare’s work is driven by impulse and the material process of painting. This introspective work captures personal yet ambiguous engagements with the everyday. Through investigating improvisation and chance within painting, works effortlessly blend materiality, image, and the inner self to create enigmatic compositions that hold a lively balance between colour, form, and expressive linear marks. 

Shakespeare thrives off intuition, and the painting is guided by the act of painting itself. The intentions for paintings are undetermined but always aim to conduct enquiries into the materiality of paint. By adding, obliterating, and reassembling, imagery emerges from a history of various marks, embracing the unknown and accidental within painting. The works achieve an exciting dynamism between opposition and simultaneously emphasise depth while reaffirming the painting’s two-dimensionality.

Anchor, 2022 Mixed media on canvas 86 x 66 cm
Wobbly Knee, 2022 Mixed media on board 39 x 30 cm

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