London Paint Club

Pau Aguiló
Born 2002 in Mallorca, Spain | Lives and works in London, UK

Raised in the Mallorcan countryside without electronic devices of wifi, Pau Aguiló grew up drawing as a central part of his life. After moving to Palma at the age of 10, Aguiló became more immersed in an urban environment that provided the backdrop of inspiration for his art. Narrow city streets and drawings from his childhood have continued to resonate throughout his paintings. 

He looks to dreams, personal experiences, the human figure and our role in society as influences for his work. His difficult and often tumultuous childhood and early adolescence, lead him to experiment with graffiti, abstraction, collage and mixed media as formats to explore and appreciate the chaos of life. 

Something Wrong, 2022
Oil on canvas
40 x 60 cm

Work Enquiry