London Paint Club

Hannah Murgatroyd
Born 1976 in Bristol, UK | Lives and works in Bath, UK

Characterised by subtle layers of light and colour, the filigree-like paintings and drawings of Hannah Murgatroyd centre on figures, structures and landscapes inspired by sources both ancient, modern and, yet to-exist. Moving within a circular narrative of large and small-scale paintings, her mise-en-scène of single figure, multi-peopled and unpeopled compositions pivot between interior and exterior worlds, open to the dual possibilities of abstraction and representation.

Lilac Time, 2021
Oil on aluminium
25 x 20 cm

Larch, A Devotional, 2021
Oil on canvas
120 x 250 cm

Night Mapping, 2021
Oil on linen
31 x 26 cm

Dossal, 2021
Oil on linen
56 cm x 40 cm

As Long as the Light Holds, 2020
Oil and acrylic on linen
61 x 76 cm

The Southern Side of Here, 2021 
Oil on linen
56 cm x 40 cm

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