London Paint Club

Parham Ghalamdar
Born 1994 in Tehran, Iran | Lives and works in Manchester, UK

Parham Ghalamdar’s paintings operate in a space exemplified by a restless struggle to find reason, order and discipline achieved by relying on and expanding the histories and traditions of Western and Persian paintings. Ghalamdar reflects on the existential absurdities of life through depictions of cartoons painted in a paradoxically realist manner. For Ghalamdar, engaging with painting, along with the act of painting is an accomplishment for the artist as a way to cooperate with life in spite of not being able to come to terms with the displacement present in the world. In Ghalamdar’s work, the final images depict absurd combinations of theatrical and cinematic landscape scenes with mystical elements. 

Lobster’s Dream, 2021
Oil on pearlescent paper
42 x 29.7 cm

Spectre, 2020
Oil on Canvas
80 x 60 cm

Low-budget props for an Iranian homosexual sci-fi vampire film, 2021
Oil on paper
210 x 150 cm

Miscommunication, 2021
Oil on paper
42 x 29.7 cm

Work Enquiry