London Paint Club

Sam Creasey
Born 1993 in Maidstone, UK | Lives and works in London, UK

Sam Creasey’s practice researches the complex dialogue between organic and technological networks of space in the urban landscape. His paintings depict narratives that express the relationship between human emotion and architecture and the sociological impacts of urban planning. Emergent themes in his work are often construction, gentrification, capitalism, and a sense of alienation. Creasey interpreted his experience working as a delivery driver as an adventure into Psycho-geography that allowed him to create an influence bank of various microcosms of city life. 

The inspiration to reflect on ideas of journey and transition was a result of seeing his surroundings constantly in motion. Creasey was drawn to idiosyncratic relics that still survive today as the London landscape becomes increasingly homogenised. The paintings often appear uncanny in their nature, heightened by the jagged and rough texture that reflects the concrete and glass elements of the urban landscape.

Prancing Horse, 2022
Oil and plaster on canvas
35 x 45 cm

Blue Mare, 2022
Watercolour and soft pastel on linen
25 x 30 cm

Work Enquiry