London Paint Club

Arthur Poujois
Born 1994 in Charleville, France | Lives and works in London, UK

“My drawings are a succinct following of transient moments that allow me to express my inner pulses. A semblance of autopoiesis: it is a matter of looking with concentration. Looking actively, with one’s hand, with all one’s energy. To let oneself be absorbed by the duration of the gaze which continues after the event to spread in the soul. Looking as writing, marking time with its internal rhythm.”

The hour between dog an wolf, growing symmetry, 2021
Oil and Thames mud on canvas
167 x 182 cm

Arrhythmic drift, retina obscura, 2021
Tempera, ink and Thames mud on canvas
140 x 170 cm

Urban thesaurus of derogatory synonyms, psychoacoustics made me deaf to his pulse, 2021
Oil on canvas
140 x 170 cm

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